Assemblies: Sunday Bible Class 9:00 AM, Worship 10:00 AM, Worship 6:00 PM; Wednesday Bible Class 7:00 PM

Articles and Study Guides

The Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class is currently studying Old Testament characters (currently King David).

The Wednesday Night Adult Bible Class is currently studying the epistles of Peter.

The children's classes recently studied the "Shaping Hearts For God" series. You can download the PPT slides for the high school class here.
Lesson One: God Prepared The World For Jesus
Lesson Two: Preparing Ourselves For Jesus
Lesson Three: Jesus Is Born
Lesson Four: Excited About Jesus
Lesson Five: Preparing to Teach and Preach
Lesson Six: Hearing and Doing God's Word
Lesson Seven: Teaching and Preaching
Lesson Eight: My Influence on Others
Lesson Nine: Jesus' Connections With People
Lesson Ten: Connecting With Jesus
Lesson Eleven: Jesus' Men
Lesson Twelve: Respecting Authority
Lesson Thirteen: Jesus' Great Sermon
Lesson Fourteen: Attitudes Actions
Lesson Fifteen: That's A Great Story!
Lesson Sixteen: Hearing and Seeing
Lesson Seventeen: That's a Miracle!
Lesson Eighteen: Believing In Jesus
Lesson Nineteen: Who Is Jesus?
Lesson Twenty: What Will We Do With Jesus

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