Assemblies: Sunday Bible Class 9:00 AM, Worship 10:00 AM, Worship 6:00 PM; Wednesday Bible Class 7:00 PM

The Meaning of "Church of Christ"

The word "church" is a collective noun, which means it takes 2 or more people to form a church. The word "church" is used primarily in two ways in the New Testament: (1) the universal church is the kingdom of Christ and includes all saved people, of times past and present, living and dead. (2) A local church is composed of Christians who join themselves together as a body to perform the work and worship God has assigned to local churches.

Christ is the founder of His Church, His Kingdom. He promised that He would build His Church (Matthew 16:18). He is also the head of the body, which is His Church (Colossians 1:18; Ephesians 1:22; Ephesians 5:23). Christ built one Church, and it is His. God adds new Christians to Christ's Church when they obey the Gospel. Therefore it bears His Name...Church of Christ (Romans 16:16). Jesus did not build or authorize the existence of denominations, and the Church of Christ is not a denomination, nor is it the product of human invention, nor is it subject to modification by human design.

The Vegas Drive Church of Christ is so named because we are an assembly of saints, joined together in Christ as a local body, geographically located together in Las Vegas, and having a formal place of assembly on Vegas Drive. Christ is our king and we are not subject to any religious authority other than Him. We respect the Bible as the unerring and unalterable Word of God, given once and for all to the saints (Jude 3), containing everything we need to know for our individual salvation and our collective work together as a church that belongs to Christ (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

The Bible alone is our all-sufficient guide. If the doctrines of men say more than the Bible, they say too much. If they say less than the Bible, they say too little. In any case, we reject the creeds, interpretations, and policies that false religions impose upon their members. We do not subscribe to the doctrines of men, such as Calvinism, Arminiunism, Catholicism, Mormonism, millinialism, universalism, or any other school of thought or policy foreign to God's Word.

Finally, we have nothing to hide. There are no secret meetings or secret votes or other secrets of any kind. We welcome visitors to our assemblies and even into our homes. We would love the opportunity to study with you to further explain why we believe what we believe, and to give an answer and defense for the hope that is within us (1 Peter 3:15).

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