Assemblies: Sunday Bible Class 9:00 AM, Worship 10:00 AM, Worship 6:00 PM; Wednesday Bible Class 7:00 PM
Sermons from 2016 - audio files
22 May: Lessons From King Ahaz - by Adam Barajas
22 May: Conduct Befitting a Christian - by Lewis Wells

Spring 2016 Gospel Meeting (1-6 May)
by John Robertson (
How To Study The Bible
Jesus, The Son Of God - Audio MP3 file
The Old Law And The New Law - Audio MP3 file
Pharisees - Audio MP3 file
Self Control - Audio MP3 file
Spiritual Phenom - Audio MP3 file
The Beloved Saints - Audio MP3 file
The Sabbath - Audio MP3 file

Fall 2015 Gospel Meeting (19-22 November)
by Shawn Bain

19 Nov: Could Your Marriage Be in Trouble
20 Nov: When You Said 'I DO'
21 Nov: The Forgotten Intimacy
22 Nov: Focused Marriage in a Busy World
22 Nov: Having A ONENESS Marriage
22 Nov: How to Protect Your Marriage

Sermon Powerpoint Files
by David F. Sims

15 May, AM: Hold The Fort
8 May 2016, AM: Excellent Mothers
3 April 2016, PM: Ahaz and the Rechabites
27 March 2016, AM: Idolatry - Yesterday and Today
20 March 2016, PM: My Brother's Keeper
7 June 2015, PM: Understanding the Divine Nature
10 May 2015, PM: Remembering the Cross of Christ (In Scripture and Song)
3 May 2015, PM: Ish Kiriath: The Story of Judas Iscariot
April 2015, PM: Jesus' Resurrection: The Hope of Our Forgiveness

Spring 2015 Gospel Meeting (19-24 April)
by Micky Galloway

What Meaneth These Stones?
What Are We Teaching Our Children
The Prodigal
The Downfall of a Young Man
Preparation For Marriage
Commitment To Marriage
Broken Homes
A Marriage That Will Not Fail

June 2014 - March 2015
Blessed Life - Wrapup and Review
Blessed Are Those Who Die In The Lord
Blessed Are Those Who Persevere Under Trial
Blessed Are The Busy Workers
Blessed Are The Dressed And Ready
Blessed Are The Benevolent
Blessed Are The Effectual Doers
Blessed Are Those Who Wash In The Blood
Blessed Are Those Of The Faith Of Abraham
Blessed Are Those Who Believe Without Seeing
Blessed Are Those Who Are Invited
Blessed Are Those Who See And Hear
Blessed Are Those Who Do Not Stumble
Blessed Are The Insulted
Blessed Are The Persecuted
Blessed Are The Peacemakers
Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
Blessed Are The Merciful
Blessed Are Those Who Hunger And Thirst
Blessed Are The Gentle
Blessed Are Those Who Mourn
Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

Sermons from 2015 - audio files
12 Apr, PM: Get Out! by Adrian Barajas
12 Apr, AM: Perfection of Biblical Love, Part 2 by Lewis Wells
5 Apr, PM: What Does The Resurrection Mean To Us by David F. Sims
5 Apr, AM: Perfection of Biblical Love, Part 1 by Lewis Wells
25 Jan, AM: Repentance And Forgiveness by Lewis Wells
25 Jan, PM: The Need To Be A Member Of The Local Work by Adam Barajas
18 Jan, AM: Pushing God Out Of The Way by Lewis Wells
11 Jan, AM: The Institution Of Marriage by Lewis Wells
11 Jan, PM: The Faith of Abraham by David F. Sims

Sermons from 2014 - audio files
2 Feb, AM: Having the Faith to Get the Job Done by Lewis Wells
26 Jan, PM: Proverbs 3 by Adam Barajas
26 Jan, AM: Ecclesiastes by Adrian Barajas
19 Jan, PM: Can't Is Dead by Kevin Tanksley
19 Jan, AM: Finding Grace by Lewis Wells
12 Jan, PM: Plan of Salvation by Billy Robertson
12 Jan, AM: Patience With Our Brethren by Adam Barajas
5 Jan, AM: Instant Inspiration by Edwin Kelly

February 2014
Making It Through The Storms Of Life
Why We Don't Believe in Once Saved, Always Saved
Why We Believe Baptism Is Essential
Why We Believe Bible Miracles Have Ceased
Why We Withdraw From the Unfaithful
Why We Don't Believe In The Thousand Year Reign
Why Are There Different Churches of Christ?

GOD's ABUNDANT GRACE series by David F. Sims
February to May 2014
1. What God Wants From You | (Click here for audio)
2. Jesus and Grace | (Click here for audio)
3. Grace and Wrath
4. Stewards of Grace
5. Grace and Law
6. Grace and Faith
7. Abusing Grace
8. The Blessed Assurance of Grace

THE KINGDOM OF GOD series by David F. Sims
November 2013 to February 2014
1: Plans, Promises, and Expectations
2: The Kingdom Is At Hand
3: The Kingdom's Nature
4. The Kingdom Comes
5. The Benefits of Citizenship
6. The Kingdom's Laws
7. The Kingdom's Rewards
8. The Kingdom's Defenders
9. The Kingdom's Future
10. The Kingdom's Alternative

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